Typewriter repairmen

Maybe voting is played out. Maybe we’re ready to move beyond the confines of representative democracy. This is the fight we were trying to start on our one of regular appearances on WBEZ, Chicago’s public radio station.

“We can finally stop electing middlemen. We have the tools and the inclination to scale Athenian democracy, where we actually represent ourselves,” Jeff Leitner said. “Think about it: we hate our politicians; we hate our elected officials; and Congress’s approval rating is negative 4. Some of them deserve our ire. Some of them are badly behaved. But mostly they’re just doing jobs we don’t need anymore, like typewriter repairmen.”

We suggested that we take all the technology and agency we’re currently spending to throw more effective tantrums and use it to figure out how to re-tool the political system.

We picked this fight with host Steve Edwards. Among our other appearances on WBEZ were our thoughts on the emerging idea bubble and Chicago’s social anxiety.