Focus for good


If focused, entrepreneurs can be a singular force for good. We have provided that focus for the first two years of a gathering called 10.10.10, at which 10 successful entrepreneurs come together for 10 days to start companies that address 10 profound social challenges.

“Ultimately the effect of this gathering is to make business more humane,” Andrew Benedict-Nelson said in an interview. “Specifically, it makes it more humane in relation to matters of sickness and life and death.”

In the first two years, 10.10.10 challenges have run the gamut – from toxic stress and childhood obesity to antibiotic resistance and health information security.

We were enlisted in this effort by Tom Higley, 10.10.10’s founder and a collaborator with us on our work on venture democracy. We launch the annual ten-day gathering with training in our original framework for social innovation.