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Today, more people than ever before want to be social innovators. More than mere do-gooders, aspiring social innovators have the ambition to develop new solutions to problems that have bedeviled human beings for generations or millennia.

They’ve got the right attitude, but where should they start? With our friends from New York design consultancy Foossa, we’ve developed the answer.

In our Start Social Innovation workshop, we’ve blended the best of design thinking with our original social innovation methodology, Innovation Dynamics, to help everyone find their own best way to change the world. Whether the goal is to reinvent an old institution or develop the next great political movement, we provide the tools to target social norms that must  be transformed and help participants get to work right away.

“Innovation is what these dynamics encourage,” wrote one evangelist of our methods, “but my experience with using them in various settings has also been a practice in the construction of hope, the understanding of justice, and clearer pathways to impact. ‘Innovation’ has become a catch phrase that everyone is using but few people understand. If you are genuine in your desire to innovate, this is step one.”

Our collaboration with Foossa will also lead to a kit anyone can use to initiate social innovation with their own team.