Greater impact

John Petrie, MBE, is chief executive of Searle Court and a trustee of the National Holocaust Museum in the U.K. He was previously director of programs for the Aegis Trust working in Rwanda, and chief of legal operations at the International War Crimes Tribunal in Sierra Leone.

Petrie said of our work, “The approach by GreenHouse in creating positive social change is unique and has greater impact than anything else I have seen. They are able to break down an issue or problem to its component parts; analyze, explore, and improve each part then rebuild it as a coherent and comprehensive whole that significantly enhances the social benefit of the project. They deliver positive action and effective change in some of the most challenging environments.”

We worked closely with Mr. Petrie on the ground in Rwanda, through our UX for Good initiative to make genocide museums more effective.

Whirlwind experience

Michael Orlove is a director of the National Endowment for the Arts, responsible for artist communities, presenting and multidisciplinary works, and international programs. He was previously senior program director for the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs, launching untold numbers of festivals, arts series and programs in his 19 years.

Orlove said of us, “Working with GreenHouse is an exhilarating, 360-degree whirlwind experience. Their work in educational, business, not-for-profit, and corporate communities around the world is driven by an utterly original approach to problem solving, requiring highly accomplished and creative people to leave their egos at the door and dive in. They approach the work with integrity, respect, and incredible wisdom.”

We have worked with Mr. Orlove on a variety of projects, including our effort on behalf of Walter Reed Military Medical Center and Jeff Leitner’s address to the Association of Performing Arts Presenters.

Optimized instantly

Yarrow Kraner is founder of HATCH, an invite-only, annual event for 100 inventors, musicians, filmmakers, technologists, CEOs, social impact change makers, educators and designers.

Kraner said of us, “If the GreenHouse team and their methodologies were scaled and amplified, humanity as we know it would be optimized instantly.”

Each of the GreenHouse principals have participated in the annual event at least once, and it was the venue where we gave the first talk on what ultimately became our original framework and methodology for social innovation. Mr. Kraner also traveled with us for our work on education reform, global collaboration and teaching mindfulness.